329 Kearny Street . San Francisco CA . 94108 . 415.398.4899
Lunch . Monday — Friday 10am-3pm
329 Kearny Street, San Francisco
Lunch: Mon-Fri 10am-3pm

Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu
Mon-Fri 10am-3pm

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entradas – starters

Charanga’s yuca frita & chipotle aioli   6 / 325 (half)
classic crispy cassava served with mildly spicy sauce

mariquitas & mojo   5 / 275 (half)
house-made plantain chips with garlic dipping sauce

plátanos maduros   5 / 275 (half)
fried sweet plantains

sopa del dia - soup of the day   550 / small 350

ensaladas – salads

tortilla Española  10
traditional Spanish potato-onion omelette with house salad

ensalada de la casa   7
mixed greens, hearts of palm, radishes & lemon-shallot vinaigrette

ensalada Romana   8
romaine, manchego cheese, caramelized red onions & garlic-caper dressing

arugula salad “verde que te quiero verde”*   8
arugula, avocado, cucumber & mint vinaigrette

*”green how I love you green” ~ Federico García Lorca

ensalada Miramar   13
hearts of palm, radish, olives, egg, potatoes, & plantain chips over mixed greens with grilled shrimp or grilled chicken

add grilled chicken or shrimp to any salad 350, add grilled steak 425

lunch special: half sandwich with bowl of soup   1175

choose from our bocadillos, served with house plantain chips

bocadillos – hot pressed Cuban sandwiches   11

sandwiches are served with mixed greens salad & our house plantain chips & mojo sauce

sandwich cubano
Niman roast pork, ham, swiss, pickles, mayo & mustard

choripan – chorizo & grilled onion sandwich
Spanish chorizo, grilled onions & peppers, chipotle aioli

pollo asado– chicken sandwich
free range grilled chicken breast, roasted peppers, black bean spread, herb aioli

sandwich vegetariano
manchego cheese, sautéed arugula & caramelized onions

ensalada de camarones – shrimp salad sandwich
shrimp salad with cilantro crema, jicama & ginger

platos fuertes - entrées

fricase de pollo – braised free range chicken   13
braised free range chicken with capers, olives, raisins, potatoes & carrots simmered in achiote broth, white rice

bistec a la plancha – Cuban steak   1750
thinly pounded grilled tri-tip steak with grilled onions, Cuban black beans & rice, mixed greens & fried sweet plantains

lechón asado – roast pork   14
Niman roast pork in citrus, garlic & oregano marinade, with congrí (Cuban black beans & rice) and yuca al mojo

picadillo Cubano estilo Elena   13
Ground beef seasoned with aromatic sofrito (onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, wine), white rice & sweet plantains

sancocho Colombiano – Colombian stew   1575
traditional Colombian chicken & beef stew with potatoes, yuca, plantains, spicy ahogado sauce & white rice   (add side avocado 1)

camarones al ajillo – sautéed shrimp   1375
shrimp sautéed in garlic, white wine & olive oil, yuca frita & house salad

plato vegeteriano – vegetarian plate   1175
Congrí (Cuban black beans & rice, sweet plantains, mixed greens salad

add small house salad to any entrée for   250

otros antojos – sides

arroz blanco – white rice   350 / 2 (half)
frijoles negros – black beans   350 / 2 (half)
yuca al mojo – yuca withgarlic, lime, olive oil marinade   450
congrí – Cuban black beans & rice   475 / 250 (half)
ahogado sauce – spicy tomato-green onion-cumin-turmeric   150
chipotle aioli or mojo sauce   1

postre – dessert

flan de la casa with seasonal fruit   5

refrescos – drinks

We offer a selection of beer, wine, sangria, tropical fruit milkshakes, juices, sodas and Cuban-style coffee drinks.

At Paladar Café Cubano we use organic products and support local sustainable agriculture whenever possible.